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Holi the Festival of colors
30-30 November
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India: Holi is the festival of Hindus,it celebrates allover in India. It celebrates on Phalgun Poornima
which comes in early March. It brings joy, fun, music and lots of bright colors. In Holi people 
throw coloured powder and coloured water at each other. They make sweets like Ghujiya, barfi etc. They 
give sweets to each other and celebrate holi very joyfully. Holi is also known as differnt names 
like Dhuli Vandana, Dhuleti, Dhulendi etc. the day before holi also known as Holika Dehan or choti 

There are some stories of celebrating Holi, in vaishnava theology Hiranyakashyp was the king of 
demons and by Brahma he granted a boon. Because of this he grew too much arrogant and attacked 
everywhere Heavens and the Earth. He commanded people to stop worshipping Gods and start to 
praying him. Despite this his own son Prahlad was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu.
 Hiranyakashyap tried many ways to kill Prahlad but failed. His sister who had a boon by Agni that she 
would be always protected by danger of fire. After all tried, he told his sister to take prahlad with 
her in blazing fire. Holika tricked Prahlad and took prahlad with her on to an unlit bonfire. When 
they had climbed up, Holika grabbed Prahlad and told soldiers to light the fire. They started 
burning, Instead of this Prahlad started chanting to Lord Vishnu. After that a miracle happend,demoness Holika was burnt but Prahlad survived. In this battle good against evil Holika burnt and the 
burning of Holika celebrate as Holi festival. 

There are some other stories about celebrating Holi; such as of Lord Krishna, Radha and other 
Gopiyan. All Gopies and Radha used to play Holi with Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. Some stories about Kamdev a god of love. He was trying to wake Lord shiva from his meditation to help Parvati so she would marry lord shiva and he shot shiva from his weapon, in order to distrupt his meditation Lord Shiva opened his third eye and turned Kamdev's body into ashes but for the sake of Kamdev's wife Rati, Lord Shiva restored him. Representing the true emotional and spiritual state of love the Holi is Celebrated.

There are some different ways to play Holi in different Places like in Uttar Pradesh Barsana the 
famous Holi is Lath mar Holi where women beat men with sticks, they sing Holi songs and shout loudly 
Sri Radhey or Jai Sri Krishna, they sing song in pure Braj language. Like this, in Uttrakhand 
people play Baithaki holi. Every state has different ways to play Holi.  

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