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Independence Day Armenia
23-23 September
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In Armenia, Independence Day is an official holiday. Thousands of people and various entertainers celebrate Armenian Independence Day.

The festivities began with the Armenian national anthem. Then well-known Armenian performers entertained the merrymakers. These performers sang traditional songs, while the dancers wore national costumes to celebrate the local traditions of Armenia. The large scale block party will feature a variety of cultural displays, musical and dance performances, traditional ethnic food, and vendors. The festival will also have a kids zone, which includes a petting zoo, pony rides, and various games and rides. Among the various entertainers that will perform at the festival are Harout Pamboukjian, Joseph Krikorian, Sahag Sisslian, Ara Shahbazian, Artin Bedrossian, Arno, Harout Hagopian, Antoine, Erovaski, and Armenian dance groups.

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