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Morazan Day Honduras
03-03 October
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Morazan day is celebrated in the memory of Francisco Morazan Quesada who was the President of Central America.

He was born in the Hoduras and hence this day is also celebrated in this place. He is known for his idealistic views and his attempt to enact them. He was also a person who struggled to maintain the unity of the nation when it was involved in a civil war but he didn't succeed in his attempt. He was an able military leader and known for his skilful tactics by which he quashed a revolt brewing in south Tegucigalpa. He served two terms as he President of Central America. He is a national hero in Honduras. Morazan's day is also celebrated as a national holiday and is celebrated on 3rd October every year. Francisco Morazán Day is a national holiday in Honduras. Honduras celebrates, on 3 October, the birth anniversary of Francisco Morazán, a popular Honduran leader who was born in the year 1792. Francisco Morazán Day in Honduras is deemed a national holiday along with other important days like Independence Day. All educational institutions, government offices and even businesses remain closed on October 3rd of every year, throughout the country. There are provinces, streets and parks in Honduras, which are named after Morazán to honor him.

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