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National Day Taiwan
10-10 October
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The radiance of October in Taiwan is ushered in with the Birthday of the Republic of China: Double Tenth National Day; celebrated every year on October 10th to commemorate the 1911 Wuch'ang Uprising, a milestone in China's political development and new chapter in the history of the Chinese people.

Every Double Tenth National Day the people on Taiwan and overseas Chinese from all corners come together to cheer the nation on its birthday celebration. The Celebration Ceremony held in front of the Presidential Office Building on the afternoon of National Day is attended by ministers, returned overseas Chinese, foreign dignitaries, and hundreds of thousands of people from around the country. The martial spirit of the armed forces is displayed to the nation in full regalia during the ceremony military review, and the climax of the day is the Presidential Address made to the nation. The National Day Parade is the main event of the morning activities on Double Tenth, and is followed by a public parade including representatives of different professions, as well as entertainment and folk performances. Evening events include the National Day Fireworks Display, which for several hours turns the night sky over the major cities of Taiwan into a dazzling explosion of color, and the elaborately National Day Evening Ceremony, a perfect final hurray for the nation's birthday party. On the streets, the colors of the national flag capture the eye;and evening is given added luminosity by the brightly lit ceremonial arches.

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