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Lord of the Miracles Lima Peru
18-18 October
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Hundreds of thousands of devotees crowd through the streets of Lima at the Procession of the Lord of Miracles every October.

Parading through clouds of incense, singing and dancing, they buy spiritual trinkets to honor Jesus Christ, Lima's patron saint. In front of the image march the sahumadoras, a group of Catholic sisters, clad in the purple robes that mark devotion to the Lord of Miracles and waving incense burners around to freshen the air. Immediately behind them walk the cantadoras, the women singers who intone the hymns and devotional songs that accompany the procession. Many other minor figures, including penitents, musicians, vendors and pedlar, have become fixtures of the procession. The month of October is known as the mes morado, or purple month. It is full of minor observations in honor of the patron saint, whose color is purple. Sweets and delicacies can be purchased alongside the procession. Try Turrón de Doña Pepa, a delicious soft and sweet paste made with eggs, butter, flour, aniseed and fruit syrup. In October to commemorate the Lord of Miracles (Señor de los Milagros), Lima hosts the well-known bullfight season which carries the same name and is held in the centuries-old Plaza de Acho bullring. The season features some major bullfighters (toreros) from Spain and Latin America.

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