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Bullfighting Season Peru
01-01 November
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Currently, the bullfighting season in the Acho bullring in Lima which has its present form since 1946, and is owned by the Sociedad de Beneficencia Pública de Lima starts the 1st of November and ends the 23rd of the same month.

The Catholic Church - as in many other countries - is directly involved with the bullfighting industry. During the main bullfighting festival in Lima, called “Señor de los Milagros” (Lord of the Miracles), religious ornaments (escapularios) are given to the bullfighters that ‘win’ the festival, as gold and silver prizes. However, the anti-bullfighting movement has managed to somehow ‘turn the tables’ on this involvement with the creation of the ‘anti-bullfighting Christ’, a statue featuring Jesus Christ on the Cross (but stabbed with bullfighting swords and banderillas).

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