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Gunmen Kill British Tourist and Kidnap Wife In Kenya
12 September
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Kenya :  An exclusive beach resort in Kenya was a dangerous place for tourists on Sunday as a boat full of gunmen attacked and killed a British man and abducted his wife, Kenyan police and Britain's Foreign Office said, according to the New York Times.

Early theories by U.S. officials pondered Islamist militants were the attackers making it a Sept. 11 anniversary connection, but soon realized they may be incorrect. They are still uncertain what drove the gunmen to attack people at the resort.

"We believe it is a kidnap but we are yet to receive any communication from the alleged kidnappers, over 11 hours after they took her with them," Ndegwa Muhoro, the director of Kenya's Criminal Investigation Department, told Reuters news agency on Sunday.

The beachside resort, Kiwayu Safari Village, is just south of the Somali border and much too expensive for the average tourist at $1300-a-night for a bungalow at the water’s edge where guests attend lavish feasts at night called to supper by a conch shell trumpet. Among the guests who have enjoyed the upper class resort include Prince William and Mick Jagger.

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