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Plane crash in London
02 April
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London: There is still no updates for those aboard the Pel-Air jet smashed in sea, writes Damien Murphy.
The plane was on fuel. Words unspoken  by most of the people who flies but a terrifying reality for nurse Karen Casey sitting in the cabin of a yawing Pel-Air Westwind jet after an aborted third landing on Norfolk Island one stormy November night 28 months ago.
The island was completely dark and for 45 minutes the pilot had been unable to see airport landing lights to land the aircraft, so he banked the twin-engine jet again.
''I looked out the window and could not see anything becouse cloud was dark grey and thick, there was no visual,'' Casey recalls. ''The co-pilot turned her head and said  'We are going to try a fourth approach, if we can't do it, we will have to ditch in the ocean. Everybody gets ready.
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